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 Discover the Health Benefits of an Outdoor Spa fitted with a Heat Pump or Gas Spa Pool Heater 
for  using your outdoor spa when you want to, all year around

Spa pools come in different shapes, sizes 
and with different functions. The spa's 
temperature is your choice but as a guide you 
may set it to 28- 38 C. It may most likely 
need to be heated by gas or by a heat pump. It
may either be heated by a dedicated heater or by the swimming pool heater, if the plumbing design allows. Where a single heater is installed, 
there will be a need to alter valve settings to circulate 
the water between the spa and heater only, with the 
pool isolated while a fast temperature rise is achieved 
in the spa. How often the spa will be used is a major consideration when determining the size of the heater to  be fitted.  For example, if a spa is going to be used daily
for the treatment of arthritis or hypertension, then it will
be more practical to use a small heater which maintains the spa at the required temperature permanently.  If, on the other hand, the spa is 
to be used only on the weekends, then it is better to use a bigger heater which, although more expensive to operate, will bring the water temperature up far more quickly. 
For heated spa health benefits refer to the FREE
Pool &Spa Magazine from SPASA (Swimming Pool & Spa 
Association of NSW) or read a recent article in
"Steam Cleaned."  




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*Conditions apply

Get a  spa heating system installed for using your outdoor spa the day when you want to,  
 all year around,
even in warm Summer days
when the spa pool may not be warm enough.

Points to consider when you decide to have 
your spa heating installed

  • Outdoor spas usually contain a much smaller volume of water 
    compared to swimming pools.
    Therefore water in spas warms up faster under direct Spring/ Summer sunshine
    but the water also cools down faster during a cool night or a cloudy and windy day
    and also during Spring/Autumn/Winter.

  •    By heating your spa in either the 16 hours/day OFF-PEAK 2 or 6 hours/day OFF-PEAK 1
    controlled electricity load periods, 
    you can
    CUT your HEATING RUNNING COST by up to 60%, 
    by being charged at OFF-PEAK electricity rates

    Typical off-peak periods offered by various electricity retailers

    All times stated are based on Australian Eastern Standard Times (AEST).
    Off-Peak 1 price is available for supply that is usually available for a 6 hour duration between 10pm to 7am.
    Off-Peak 2 price is available for supply that is usually available for 16 hours including more than 6 hours between 8pm to 7am AEST and more than 4 hours between 7am to 5pm AEST.

    Raise your spa's temperature NOW to 28 to 38 C
    by heating your spa ON DEMAND during an off-peak controlled electricity load period

    In cold and windy weather, it is also advantageous 
    to have your spa covered by a solar spa blanket 
    to prevent heat losses by radiation and pool water evaporation 
    while the spa is being heated.
    Consequently a  spa blanket will cut down your heating running cost.

  • Outdoor spas should be kept between 28 and 38 C.
    This can easily be accomplished by heating ON DEMAND, 
    if the spa temperature has dropped.  

  • *Conditions apply


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