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Sydney pool and spa heating, design, installation, servicing, upgrades and repairs.
Gas swimming pool heating, heat pump pool heating, equipment from Hurlcon, RaypakAccent and Pentair.
pool heaters:  gas pool heaters and heat pump pool heaters.
MasterTemp High Performance Gas Pool Heaters from Pentair Pool Products 
gas pool heater is our latest offering for high performance, fast and efficient pool and spa heating.

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  • Points to consider when you decide to have 
    your pool heating installed

    Heating your pool fast ON DEMAND for a special occasion, for a few days 
    is a NEW concept.
    For example: If you have to use your pool in Autumn for a special occasion 
    after a cold night when the pool substantially cools down
    you will need to heat your pool ON DEMAND for that occasion.

    If you can heat your pool ON DEMAND during the 16 hours/day 
    OFF-PEAK 2 in controlled electricity load periods, 
    you can
    CUT your HEATING RUNNING COST by up to 60%, 
    by being charged at the OFF-PEAK 2 electricity rate

    Typical off-peak periods offered by various electricity retailers

    All times stated are based on Australian Eastern Standard Times (AEST).
    Off-Peak 1 price is available for supply that is usually available for a 6 hour duration between 10pm to 7am.
    Off-Peak 2 price is available for supply that is usually available for 16 hours including more than 6 hours between 8pm to 7am AEST and more than 4 hours between 7am to 5pm AEST.

    FAST TRACK your pool's temperature NOW to 25 to 28 C
    by heating your pool ON DEMAND during the 16 hours/day controlled electricity load periods


    Last Modified: Wednesday April 19, 2017