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 Let us upgrade your heating installation for ON DEMAND pool heating so that when you decide to use your pool  
on a specific day this Winter, you can do it at HALF normal HEATING RUNNING COSTS

Has your pool heater become degraded in performance? 
Does the water take noticeably longer to heat up? Or has the 
pool heating system failed altogether?  If any of these be the case, 
let us give you an
obligation free quote for the repairs. In any case, service or maintenance should be performed on a periodic basis to prevent system failures and performance degradation.

If you have a gas pool heater, do the flames in the main burner appear yellow? Is the filter or pump strainer dirty? Is the gas supply control defective? Is the heater short cycling? (Rapid ON and OFF operation)  Does the heater making knocking noises?  Is the heat exchanger badly corroded? Most of these or other possible faults need repairs by a qualified service technician. 

If you have a heat pump pool heater, does the evaporator have a buildup of dirt or debris?  Are the condensate drain holes in the base of the unit plugged with dirt or debris?  Is the heat pump leaking?  Is the ejected air from the unit at least 4 cooler than incoming air? Is airflow through the unit being obstructed?  Is water flow through the unit adequate?  Is the Low Pressure lamp ON?  If this lamp is ON, there is a problem with the unit. Again, most of these or other possible faults need repairs by a qualified service technician. 

For pool heater repairs or servicing or upgrading your heating installation for ON DEMAND winter heating your pool, contact Steve for an obligation FREE quote and appraisal. 





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Points to consider when you decide to have 
your pool heating reconfigured
to run at lower running and operating cost

  • Heating your pool fast ON DEMAND for a special occasion, for a few days 
    is a NEW concept.
    For example, this Summer you may need to heat your pool ON DEMAND 
    during a southerly cold spell.

    Let us reconfigure your pool heating system so that when you heat it ON DEMAND
    you can do it  at lower HEATING RUNNING COSTS.


  •    You can setup your heater and/or water circulating pump to operate 
    during OFF-PEAK time periods,
    resulting in considerable heating running cost savings.

Typical off-peak periods offered by various electricity retailers

All times stated are based on Australian Eastern Standard Times (AEST).
Off-Peak 1 price is available for supply that is usually available for a 6 hour duration between 10pm to 7am.
Off-Peak 2 price is available for supply that is usually available for 16 hours including more than 6 hours between 8pm to 7am AEST and more than 4 hours between 7am to 5pm AEST.

FAST TRACK your pool's temperature NOW to 25 to 28 C
by heating your pool ON DEMAND during the 16 hours/day controlled electricity load periods.

    Having solar pool blanket installed on your pool can halve your heating running cost..

  • If your heater is heating your pool sluggishly, 
    you can have it serviced to raise its efficiency
    resulting in lower heater running costs.

  • Having the above upgraded on your pool heating installation, 
    will let you heat your pool
    ON DEMAND in Winter if needed 
    for at least at half your previous heating running costs.


    *Conditions apply.



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