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Designing and installing a specific pool heating system is a complex interwoven task that has to be project managed.
We can manage such a project, supplying pool heaters at a price, discounted from the recommended retail price.

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If you would like to use your swimming pool for exercise or
as a fun pool for games or parties, for relaxation or hydro- therapy over an extended time during a day or over an extended period during a year, you will need to
have either a pool heat pump or gas pool heating installed in your swimming pool.

Is the water too chilly for leisure swimming?  Consider the following situations. You and your family wake up early, the pool is sparkling but the water temperature has dropped overnight. It is suitable only for the hardy. If you had pool heating, you'd jump straight in. One of the kids has her birthday over the winter months. If she wants to use the pool for fun and games during her birthday party, pool heating is a must.  Someone in your family requires having  hydrotherapy throughout the year. He can only do this when the water has cooled down, if a swimming pool heater is installed.

A swimming pool is one of the largest single purchases a home owner can make. It therefore makes good sense that it should be used as much as possible, especially, when it has to be maintained and cared for even when not in use. So take control! Enjoy your pool whenever you want, all year long. Don't let the weather dictate your life. Contact  Sydney Pool & Spa Heating for a FREE quote on installation of your pool heater in the Sydney region.

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Beat high energy cost rises. Deal Direct with Sydney Pool Heating, a Pool Heating Specialist who can show you how to have your normal HEATER RUNNING COST HALVED in specially designed POOL HEATING SYSTEMS, followed by supplying your choice of heater and installing it, offering 7 years warranty on workmanship.

One option for you to consider is whether to use a gas or heat pump pool heater. For this reason, we are comparing the running costs for using a setup containing a gas or heat pump pool heater together with solar pool blanket cover to keep the chill and garden refuse out.

There are many other decisions we'll help you to make. You will be surprised at the competitive quote we'll give for the project and you can have confidence that all will turn out just as jointly planned.



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Designing, supplying and installing a specific pool heating system
is a complex interconnected or interwoven task that requires to be managed as a project.
Sydney Pool & Spa Heating can manage such a project, supplying pool heaters
at a price, discounted from the recommended retail price (RRP).

Bureau of Meteorology Website predicts that wetter and possibly cooler La Niña weather pattern 
is likely to continue into March and further into Autumn.

This means that on some days pool water may be too cold 
for leisure swimming, which is ideally between 25° and 28° C.

So you can enjoy your pool over short periods of cooler weather in March
by having a pool heater installed.

See how the current February La Niña weather pattern effects water temperatures in a typical swimming pool.
To show this effect, February pool water temperatures are being updated every 3 to 5 days.


Water temperatures have been obtained from a small Castle Hill open air salt water swimming pool about 1 metre under the water surface. This pool has a water surface area of 30 , water volume of 40 , no water heating installed, no pool blanket cover, no shade cover after 9:30 am, normal wind exposure and light bottom colour. 

The table below sets out this Castle Hill's pool water temperatures during September 2011. A table of current pool water and beach ocean temperatures are also provided and are updated on a weekly basis. Click here to view the table of pool water temperatures for January 2012.

The pool water temperatures would be different for pools in different locations and with different distinguishing characteristic features.

By a quick inspection of the table below, you will see that the pool water had been well and truly chilly all through the September period and the temperature had fallen considerably short of the leisure swimming temperature range, which is ideally between 25° and 28° C. This situation could have been improved.

As the water in the pool has been cooling mostly overnight or due to wind anytime during a day, a solar pool blanket cover would have prevented this happening. Then minimal pool heating could have raised the temperature to KEEP the CHILL OUT.  An installation containing a pool heater together with a solar pool blanket will then extend the use of your swimming pool in AUTUMN at lower running cost. 

We use the September 2011 pool water temperatures below to illustrate how pool heating can extend the use of you swimming pool into Spring and Autumn at an affordable running cost.


Pool Water Temperatures in September  2011 in our Demo Castle Hill Swimming Pool
For more CURRENT water temperatures click here
Date Air Temperature in °C Water Temperature in °C*
morning, midday and evening
Weather Description
Thursday 1st 11/20  16°,16°,17° Partly cloudy. Winds S/SE averaging up to 25 km/h.
Friday 2nd 11/17  16°,16°,16° Partly cloudy. Winds S/SE averaging 15 to 20 km/h.
Saturday 3rd   8/20  16°,16°,16° AM cloudy, mostly sunny PM. Winds N/NE up to 25 km/h.
Sunday 4th 10/20  16°,17°,17° Mostly sunny. Winds N/NE up to 35 km/h.
Monday 5th 11/25  16°,17°,17° Mostly sunny. Winds N/NE up to 35 km/h.
Tuesday 6th 11/26  17°,18°,18° Mostly sunny. Winds N/NW averaging up to 25 km/h.
Wednesday 7th 11/20  17°,18°,18° Mostly sunny. Winds W/SW averaging up to 20 km/h
Thursday 8th 10/20  17°,17°,17° Cloudy. Winds SW averaging up to 20 km/h.
Friday 9th 12/15  16°,16°,16° Areas of rain. Winds W/SW up to 45 km/h
Saturday 10th 7/16  16°,16°,16° Mostly sunny. Winds SW averaging up to 30 km/h.
Sunday 11th 7/18  15°,15°,15° Sunny AM. Cloudy PM. Winds W/SW up to 25 km/h.
Monday 12th 9/17  15°,16°,16° Partly cloudy. Winds S/SW averaging up to 25 km/h.
Tuesday 13th 6/22  15°,16°,16° Sunny. Winds W and light.
Wednesday 14th 8/25  15°,16°,16° Sunny. Winds AM N/NW, PM W/SW up to 30 km/h.
Thursday 15th 12/22  16°,17°,17° Mostly sunny. Winds AM SE/SW, PM NE/NW 20 km/h.
Friday 16th 10/25  17°,17°,17° Sunny. Winds NW up to 25 km/h. Partly cloudy PM.
Saturday 17th 10/25  16°,17°,18° Sunny. Winds AM NW, PM NE/NW up to 30 km/h.
Sunday 18th 13/31  18°,18°,18° Mostly sunny. Winds AM W/NW, PM S/SE up to 45 km/h.
Monday 19th 12/26  18°,19°,19° Mostly sunny. Winds tending N/NE up to 30 km/h.
Tuesday 20th 15/28  19°,19°,19° Mostly sunny. Winds NW/W  up to 45 km/h.
Wednesday 21st 10/23  18°,19°,19° Sunny. Light NE/NW winds
Thursday 22nd 10/24  17°,18°,19° Sunny. Light winds N/NE.
Friday 23rd 10/32  18°,19°,19° Mostly sunny. Winds up to AM NW 30 km/h, PM 40 km/h 
Saturday 24th 12/19  19°,19°,19° Cloudy. Winds E/SE averaging 10 to 20 km/h.
Sunday 25th 12/14  18°,18°,17° Cloudy. Showers. Winds S/SE averaging up to 30 km/h.
Monday 26th 12/19  17°,18°,18° Partly cloudy. Winds E/SE averaging up to 25 km/h.
Tuesday 27th  9/21 17°,18°,18° AM fog. PM mostly sunny, winds S/SE up to 35 km/h.
Wednesday 28th  10/22 17°,17°,17° Cloudy and rain. Winds N averaging up to 30 km/h.
Thursday  29th  15/22 17°,17°,17° Cloudy and rain. Winds W/NW averaging up to 40 km/h.
Friday 30th  11/21 16°,17°,17° Partly cloudy. Winds W averaging up to 40 km/h.




What are the Comparative Running Costs 
of Using Gas or Heat Pump Pool Heaters?

Using a spreadsheet modelling technology, Sydney Pool & Spa Heating can generate for your swimming pool a table of monthly average running costs for heating your pool water to a specified temperature.

The average monthly costs are obtained by averaging the monthly weather information from your area over a large number of years.  This information is obtained from the Bureau of Meteorology.  

The tables below show these monthly average costs* for maintaining the water temperature at 27º C for our centrally located Castle Hill swimming pool with characteristic features as indicated above.  The monthly average costs below also assume that this pool has a solar pool blanket cover.  This is not the case at the moment.  

  Tables showing average monthly costs for maintaining the water temperature at 27º C for the Castle Hill Swimming pool.



The costs in the tables above give these average monthly costs for Spring, Summer and Autumn only. 
12 or 6 monthly average costs are also available.

As an example, if equipped with a solar pool cover, on this modelling, the average cost of maintaining the Castle Hill swimming pool at a water temperature of 27º C in September, using a gas pool heater or a more efficient heat pump would be $329 and $137 respectively.*

Cost figures are also available when a solar pool blanket does NOT cover the Castle Hill swimming pool. Click here to see these figures for a gas pool heater and here for a heat pump pool heater. The spreadsheet modelling indicates that in both cases the normal heater running cost is at least halved if a solar pool blanket is used.

*These costs were obtained using 2010 gas and electricity rates.


How To Be a Smart Pool Heater User

We demonstrate aspects of this strategy on our demo Castle Hill swimming pool.  If invited, a representative from Sydney Pool & Spa Heating will inspect your pool and and discuss with you more aspects of this strategy applicable to your swimming pool.

The property at Castle Hill is rented and at present and it has neither pool heating nor a solar pool blanket on its swimming pool.  So we will carry out a virtual installation of a heat pump pool heater and a solar pool blanket for this swimming pool ready to operate from 5th September 2011 on, and consider how to make the pool water free of chill, from 5th September for as little cost as possible. Inspecting the pool water temperatures, the water was chilly throughout September.

The diagram to the left indicates that a solar pool blanket can save warmth and evaporation. This is the type of pool blanket that we will virtually install.

Free solar energy passes through the special transparent cover material to heat the pool water. It works just like a garden greenhouse.

More warmth in - less heat out.
The lighter colour solar pool blanket cover allows more heat in but stops heat escaping.

Electricity Pricing Rates 1 July 2011 to 30 June 1012

In PowerSmart Homes electricity is priced at three different rates, depending on the time it is consumed.  The rates are: OFF PEAK @ 10.56 cents/kWh, SHOULDER @ 18.04 cents/kWh, PEAK @ 44.66 cents/kWhThe times are indicated in the adjoining diagram. The monthly heating costs in the tables above are based on this method of pricing. The PowerSmart electricity pricing scheme may not be available where your home is located. Non-PowerSmart Domestic All Time rates are: first 1750 kWh per quarter 22.66 cents, remaining usage per quarter 32.01 cents. Off-Peak 9.02 cents/kWh.


Smart Pool Heater User's
Heat Pump Jump Start  
to Keep Chilly Water OUT in Spring

The average monthly heating cost tables actually only give the cost of maintaining pool water at the target temperature, 27° for the Castle Hill pool.  So the heat pump will continue to restore water surface and backwash heat losses only.  We need the heat pump to initially bring the water to the target temperature 25°- 27°.  

For our recommended heat pump input power rate sizing of 2.7kW, we have calculated that an input of 11kWh's will generate an output of 47kWh's (168MJ) heat energy that will raise the pool water temperature by 1° C.  That's just under $1.20 at the OFF PEAK rate for raising the water temperature by 1° C and it will take about 4 hours.  Over 8 hours water temperature raised by 2° C and will cost about $2.40 at the OFF PEAK rate.

To make sure that we'll only use electricity at the OFF PEAK rate, a smart strategy would be to increase the water temperature by 2° C, using the heat pump on each of Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday
September  1 4 overnight during the
OFF PEAK period and starting from a water temperature of 17° C, with the additional help from the solar pool blanket, a water temperature of 25° C will have been reached by September  5. This heat pump jump start would have cost just under $9 and would have taken 4 times 8 hours overnight on 4 consecutive nights.

The pool is covered by the solar pool blanket 11 hours overnight and during the days when the pool is not used.  This ensures that there will only be minimal water surface losses over these periods.  Be reminded that the solar pool blanket also works just like a garden greenhouse, providing additional heat to the pool water as the days were partly sunny over this period. 

From the table above, maintaining the water at a temperature  25° C for September 5 – 30 (= 26 days) should cost $(26x137÷30) ~ $120, using the blanket cover in combination with the heat pump.  The total heat pump running and jump start cost should be about $130 for September. That's about $4.50/average day.  

A Power or Energy Meter can be attached to this heat pump exclusively.  These meters measure the kWh's of electricity a heat pump consumes.  Some meters may also provide you with the cost of electricity consumed and so in the above case, the actual electricity cost could be determined.  These meters are useful in giving you a costing feedback on your heat pump's heating performance.



Concluding Remarks

You would be able to jump start a heat pump pool heater similarly in any other month.  

For our demo Castle Hill swimming pool 168MJ (47kWh) heat energy will raise the pool water temperature by 1° C in any other month, provided the pool is well insulated against water surface heat loss by a solar pool blanket.  We will provide you the number of MJ's, [Megajoules]  (and its kWh's equivalent) for your pool to achieve the same result.

47kWh heat energy is actually taken out from the atmosphere by the virtual Castle Hill heat pump using only 11kWh of electricity.  For this swimming pool a heat pump working at an input power rate of 2.7kW has been selected. So it will take only about 4 hours to generate an input of 11kWh's (4 X 2.7 kW = 10.8 kWh's).  We will also recommend to you a heat pump with a given input power rating for your swimming pool.

After the heat pump has been jump started, the tables above will give you a cost estimate for running your heat pump in any other month.  You should also take into consideration how the weather pattern may vary from average at that particular month.  Be reminded that the tables above give the cost for an average monthly weather pattern.

All the above matters and more will be further clarified when our representative will call out if invited to discuss with you matters regarding the heating of your swimming pool.

Since swimming pool heating is a specialized field, every installation should be designed individually and as such it is almost impossible to give a generic price to supply and install a pool heating system.  There are many other variables. These variables will be discussed with you and we'll help you make decisions about the various options presented.

You will be surprised at the competitive quote we'll give for the project and you'll have peace of mind that all will turn out just as planned.

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