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Designing and installing specific pool heating system is a complex interwoven task that has to be managed as a project.
We can manage such a project, supplying pool heaters at a price, discounted from the recommended retail price.

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If you would like to use your swimming pool for exercise or
as a fun pool for games or parties, for relaxation or hydro- therapy over an extended time during a day or over an extended period during a year, you will need to
have either a pool heat pump or gas pool heater installed in your swimming pool.

Is the water too chilly for leisure swimming?  Consider the following situations. You and your family wake up early, the pool is sparkling but the water temperature has dropped overnight. It is suitable only for the hardy. If you had pool heating, you'd jump straight in. One of the kids has her birthday over the winter months. If she wants to use the pool for fun and games during her birthday party, pool heating is a must.  Someone in your family requires having  hydrotherapy throughout the year. He can only do this when the water has cooled down, if a swimming pool heater is installed.

A swimming pool is one of the largest single purchases a home owner can make. It therefore makes good sense that it should be used as much as possible, especially, when it has to be maintained and cared for even when not in use. So take control! Enjoy your pool whenever you want, all year long. Don't let the weather dictate your life. Contact  Sydney Pool & Spa Heating for a FREE quote on installation of your pool heater in the Sydney region.

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Pools in Winter become too chilly. So if you want to use your pool & its surrounds for a party, you’ll need to use pool heating just as in Prince Albert Park Pool where a solar pool cover is also used to prevent heat losses due to evaporation and radiation when the pool is not in use. After your family and friends have a swim in the heated pool, its surrounds can become a setting for a party and even for a barbecue. 

If you heat up your pool this Winter when needed, you will be able to extend using your pool also into SPRING. This is a HUGE BONUS for you AND for the market value of your house!

Having your pool heated every day may be too expensive for most households. However, you can have your pool heated only when you need it ON DEMAND unlike the pool in Prince Albert Park that is heated to keep the temperature at 27° C all-year round. 



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Points to consider when you decide to have 
your pool heating installed

Deal Direct with Sydney Pool Heating, a Pool Heating Specialist 
who can show you how to have your normal POOL HEATER RUNNING COST  DRASTICALLY CUT 
in specially designed POOL HEATING SYSTEMS, followed by supplying your choice of heater 
and installing it, offering 7 years warranty on workmanship.

Designing, supplying and installing a specific pool heating system 
is a complex interconnected or interwoven task that requires to be managed as a
Sydney Pool & Spa Heating can manage such a project, supplying pool heaters
at a price, discounted from the recommended retail price (RRP).


Having your pool heated every day may be too expensive for most households. 
 However, you can have your pool heated for special occasions, 
of a conventionally designed heating system.

Heating your pool fast ON DEMAND for a special occasion, for a few days 
is a NEW concept. 
Heating your pool ON DEMAND is  when you decide to use your pool on a specific day or days.

In your heating system, having a solar blanket cover 
when the pool is heated or when the pool is not in use, 
prevents most of the pool heat loss by evaporation and radiation 
and also gains a little heat from sunshine if available. 
Thus the pool heater RUNNING COST is almost halved.

Further, by heating your pool in the 16 hours/day OFF-PEAK 2 
controlled electricity load periods, 
you can
CUT the circulating water pump RUNNING COST by just over 60%, 
by being charged at OFF-PEAK 2 electricity rate.  

Typical off-peak periods offered by various electricity retailers

All times stated are based on Australian Eastern Standard Times (AEST).
Off-Peak 1 price is available for supply that is usually available for a 6 hour duration between 10pm to 7am.
Off-Peak 2 price is available for supply that is usually available for 16 hours including more than 6 hours between 8pm to 7am AEST and more than 4 hours between 7am to 5pm AEST.

FAST TRACK your pool's temperature NOW to 25° to 28° C
by heating your pool ON DEMAND during the 16 hours/day controlled electricity load periods